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Xiamen Lenco Co.,Ltd. was established in 2000, the major production of the wheelchair, scooter, baby carrier with a variety of wheels and accessories; processing, manufacture of the carbon material and aluminum bicycle frame, wheels, handle bars, seat tubes and other parts. The wheels of the world's leading wheelchair company preferred suppliers, and to assist the dealers around the world trading. We have modern production facilities and R & D team in China and Taiwan, making even the company more efficient and better quality to provide customers with comprehensive, professional service. And is committed to product innovation, total quality management and continuous production of high-quality products to better serve the public well-being and sports career.

Lenco Latinoamerica


item#: P24006
name: Pr1mo PW-300 Series

item#: P24007
name: SW-100 SERIES

12 Spoke with PU Tire

Pr1mo AW-400
t: 12 ½ x 2 ¼

Caster Wheels

item#: P70128
Pr1mo 2PPW-120
size: 250 x 50

item#: P70143
Pr1mo HPW-170
size: 6 x 1 ½

Pr1mo 1PAW-160
size: 5 x 1 ½


Primo Sentinel

Primo V-Trak

Primo Orion

Primo Sentinel Tire

Versatile, low rolling resistance and durable

The Primo Sentinel is a "no compromise" tire that combines the attributes of a high performing, lightweight tire, with the strength of a punchure-resistant tire.

The combination of our dual layer nylon casing and a 3mm LDP anti-puncture insert creates our most advanced tire in the Primo Sentinel. The insert prevents long term debris accumulation with its high-rebound characteristics, while maintaining the integrity of a lighter rolling, longer lasting tire. These advancements strengthen the sidewall and surface of the tire, with our new flat-guard technology.

The Primo Sentinel is a non-marking black tire with a grooved tread pattern that provides premium traction, while minimizing rolling resistance. It is available as a sleek tire, or with a reflective stripe, to provide maximum visibility.

  • 26x1 (25-590) Sentinel
  • 26x1 (25-559) Sentinel
  • 24x1 (25-540) Sentinel
  • 22x1 (25-489) Sentinel
  • 22x1 (25-501) Sentinel
  • 20x1 (25-451) Sentinel

All sizes are avaible
with or without reflective belts

Other Tires


Primo V-Trak

Primo Orion

Primo Latam

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